Footnotes to a Novel

A look at the work that goes into that novel on your bookshelf. On Footnotes to a Novel, I talk with authors about the inspiration and research behind their writing, and dive into the history that makes some books so hard to put down.

On this episode of Footnotes to a Novel, a two thousand year old murder mystery. Take a walk into Tollund Fen, but be warned: You might just meet a monster. A talk with archaeologist Miranda Aldhouse-Green, author of Bog Bodies Uncovered.

On today's episode, I sit down with Peter Ho Davies, author of Equal Love, The Ugliest House in the World, and The Welsh Girl. His latest novel is The Fortunes.

An interview with historian John Tosh, author of The Pursuit of History, on the limits of history, why history matters so much, and what history can teach us about ourselves and our past.

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